Vinyl Wall Graphics are like posters, except they stick themselves


Our self adhesive wall graphics are easy to apply and remove. They are reusable and can be applied to practically any dry surface. Great for decorating your office and advertising.

Sticky Back Wall Graphics are Like Posters that Stick Themselves

Lindsay Rumans of Macon PrintingWith our sticky back wall graphics you can have the photos or graphics you want printed on one side and with the lo-tack adhesive on the back, place it on a wall at your office without worrying about pulling the paint off or damaging the wall when you want to move it or remove it.

This peel & stick removable fabric material does not keep wrinkles in it either. So you can store away a holiday or annual event poster until the next time you need to apply it to your office wall.

Decorate your lobby with posters that do not need tape. Put a poster up quickly at one event to announce another upcoming event.

There are so many possibilities with the exciting product from Macon Printing. Stop by to get more information or get yours printed today.