Tell People Your Business With a Rack Card


A rack card may be the first impression a potential customer sees of your small business. It might also remind existing customers to revisit your office. Get a great looking rack card at Macon Printing.

Tell People Your Business With a Rack Card

What is a rack card? A rack card is an advertisement normally 4 by 9 inches in size with a high impact graphic that promotes products, services, or an event. They are printed on card stock thick paper and resemble long postcards. They are often found stacked on a table in restaurants, stores, chamber of commerce, hotels, and other high traffic areas.

Rack Cards are Good for Business… why?
  • Get your information out there – Rack cards allow you the space to commercially advertise your goods or services. It’s a great way to spread the word and bring you more customers.
  • Get attention with graphics – A rack card will have a high impact graphic that dominates both sides that go along with your details. So a great looking graphic can help you stand out.
  • They are always available – Spread these rack cards around and they are in the places where foot traffic is even when you’re not. People can pick one up and take it with them.
  • Cost on small business is low – after printing the rack cards you identify and place your rack cards in the high traffic areas mentioned above. There’s no need to mail them so it saves on stamps and you don’t have to maintain mailing lists saving time and money.

At Macon Printing we can design and print your rack cards so that you can be more successful. We know what works and what won’t so you save time. From the first time we meet to the time you walk out the door with your rack cards, we will focus on helping your small business become more successful.
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