Sticky Back Reusable Posters - By Lindsay Rumans

Lindsay Rumans, Graphic Designer at Macon Printing. Click here to read more about sticky back posters.


The photo tex is a media that has the sticky back on it. You see people who have these sayings on the wall, like "love" or "family", whatever it might be. We can do that type of thing for you. Whether it be a saying that you like or a photo of your child, or a sports photo of your child you want enlarged. Or for craft projects even. You can use it in scrapbooking and numerous possibilities.
You can crumble it into a ball, re-use it over and over, it will stick to any smooth surface other than brick. It's a very cool piece to have. You can do a logo, a photo of your child, life size if they play a sport. There is lots of different varieties with this media.
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