Business Cards Are A Great Way To Promote Your Company


You own a business and you want a business card. But what are your options? If you want your card to memorable consider the options we have for business cards.

Business Cards Are A Great Way To Promote Your Company

It’s pretty clear that you would need a business card for you and some of your employees, but beyond that what can you do to make it stand out? A standard business card is 3.5 X 2 inches. They are text with maybe a logo on basic white card stock. Just like everyone else’s.

What cards do you remember being given and what made them stand out?
  • One that was shaped a little different?
  • One that had rounded corners?
  • Maybe only one corner was rounded?
  • What if the card had a hole cut in it?
  • Maybe the card was shaped like a company’s logo?
  • Was the card smaller or larger than usual?
  • What if that card was on a bright red paper and instead of black the text was white?
  • What if…?
If you can’t remember most of the business cards given to you then why would you want to hand someone the same?
Yes, we do business cards. We can make them 3.5 X 2 inches in size on white card stock with black text.
But, at Macon Printing we can help you do more with that card! We can print you a business card that you would be proud to give a customer. We can also help you design and print a business card that someone remembers -one that your customers will look at more than once.

Come by and meet our friendly staff  at Macon Printing and start on the path to getting your small business noticed.